Add. Rate Up Gacha and Semi-Anniv. Event

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Ok, I got two question already:

1. I know this is stupid but, is Horkeu Kamui also got additional rate up for both his 3โ˜† and 4โ˜†? (Ah, also Macan's) I've checked the distribution rate though, just to make it sure. Because I want him but when the "wheel of fortune" is reversed atleast getting his 3โ˜† is such a bless for me...

2. Is there will be any Semi Anniversary Event this year? Yes the last event is started very early in june. I miss the last event but is there will be any chance of it? Well I just looking for the gacha though, as if the question #1 is true I better wait for the next event (again) I guess?

That feels when you just started playing after all of your favorite character get their gacha just a few month ago, will I must wait for next year? ๐Ÿ˜‚