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Sitri Character Quest

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Sitri's Character quest has been completely translated. All that is needed are the images and I can get those with some simple photoshop. If I do how do I go about submitting them?
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is there a point in limit breaking the protag. ?

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I know he gains some skills I just don't know if they are good. Also best goat (which I don't have)
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Dumb Team Building Question

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What's a better team loadout: two 5*s and the protag or four 3*s and the protag?
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Character Quest Assistance

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If someone can translate them I can get my hands on the character quest text if that helps.
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Full data download ?

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Is there a way to full download the game and not one mission per time,I clicked the data download button but it still appears downloading cannot skip at every mission
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I tried to get into housamo again for the summer event but i got this message which i think that is about updating the game, i already downloaded the update via Qooapp but when i try i to install it it says "Application not installed", any help?

Email troubles

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Hello there, I'm having troubles with my email verification. Every time I mail a conformation code to my email. It doesn't come to my email, even if few minutes have passed. Do you think you can solve that problem so that way I can get notifications with no problem? -Jose S.R. (Luke)

P.S. I just wanted help with the Email, so I hope you don't mind the picture.
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I tried to get on today, but this message pops up. I cannot speak Japanese, so I do not understand what it is saying. Can anyone help me out?
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Set Sail! Midsummer's Ocean Adventure

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I'm a few days late, but I check housamo and see this event thats up, and my god...

Man, they are targetting us chasers hardcore this month. A chunky buff shark surfer man, the Zhu Bajie (journey to the west pig man) equivalent, a big and husky blue coat white hat captain archetype (who honestly looks awesome, great name reference too.), and Eita with an adorable captains hat and coat..but otherwise dressed in nothing but a freaking speedo with his body DRENCHED in glistening water.

I mean, there's a lot of thicc characters always released but ....damn they really have their sights set on that demographic this event.
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