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So, I hope I'm not the only person here with a not-kemono husbando. lol
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ou and Midsummer's Seaside School

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The summer event with swimsuits and summer variants!
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Sitri Character Quest

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Sitri's Character quest has been completely translated. All that is needed are the images and I can get those with some simple photoshop. If I do how do I go about submitting them?
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is there a point in limit breaking the protag. ?

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I know he gains some skills I just don't know if they are good. Also best goat (which I don't have)
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Dumb Team Building Question

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What's a better team loadout: two 5*s and the protag or four 3*s and the protag?
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Character Quest Assistance

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If someone can translate them I can get my hands on the character quest text if that helps.
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Full data download ?

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Is there a way to full download the game and not one mission per time,I clicked the data download button but it still appears downloading cannot skip at every mission