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Did someone say Collab!?

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Housamo is doing a collab with Pazuani!
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Would you protect Xolotl?
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After configuring another server similar to the one is running, I've noticed some malpractices with how it's exactly set up. As a heads up, services may experience down time sometime soon, whenever I get around to restructuring how each service works.
Apologies for any future inconveniences during this down time.
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Trouble on buying gems

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Every time I have to buy gems in the game, a sign pops up with an ERROR and says "The item you requested is not available for purchase." Does ANYone know how to get rid of this so I can buy gems without any troubles?
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Another thread.
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So, I hope I'm not the only person here with a not-kemono husbando. lol
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ou and Midsummer's Seaside School

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The summer event with swimsuits and summer variants!
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