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This is what a peak hazubando looks like; you may not like it.
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Love Quests coming out at last Oct 9, for now the Hero, Shirou, Ryouta and Kengo

For the quick rundown on how it works

-Whoever you have as party leader going in, the subject of the quest will go on a date with. During the VN scene you play as that character.

-The love quest doesn't set mutual love between characters, the character your leader dates will fall in love but not the other way around.

-A character can only be in love with one person, but there's no limit on how many can love the same person.

-Breaking up love requires a Forget-me-Not item. You'll get four initially but there's no details on how to get more yet, so decide your pairing carefully.

-No word yet on if love and rivalry will have an effect in battles or if it's only for flavor, but there was mention of things like special voice lines in My Guild
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Did someone say Collab!?

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Housamo is doing a collab with Pazuani!
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Would you protect Xolotl?
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After configuring another server similar to the one is running, I've noticed some malpractices with how it's exactly set up. As a heads up, services may experience down time sometime soon, whenever I get around to restructuring how each service works.
Apologies for any future inconveniences during this down time.
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Trouble on buying gems

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Every time I have to buy gems in the game, a sign pops up with an ERROR and says "The item you requested is not available for purchase." Does ANYone know how to get rid of this so I can buy gems without any troubles?