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Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread

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In an attempt to reduce clutter on the board, let's have an official Q&A thread!

Questions can range from asking for menu translations not found in the wiki to requesting optimal team compositions that can take on the game's harder content and anything in between.

Answers will be provided by your fellow posters, so keep things clear and concise and also remember to respect one another when making your posts.

Happy posting!
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I'm Not Afraid Of Halloween

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LW announced news of a Halloween event.

To reiterate, with every other Event Quest:
* this event contains a "Main Quest" (the story-driven quest) that unlocks the later but equally important and repeatable Event Quests.
* both of these Quests will drop event items that can be exchanged in the shop. For this year, they're Great Pumpkin and Halloween Treats.
* both of those items' drop rates can be increased by using units with a specific skill. For this year, they're 鎮める者 and Disguiser, respectively relating to the above.
* a gacha containing units with these skills to help farm for these event items is also releasing
* a commemorative login bonus will run for a week

Further details will be transcribed when announced.
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So, since this event is over, does that mean I'm unable to get Jinn in the future? Because that will ruin my ability to enjoy this game.
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Please contact me if you find Rave.
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