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Any clue to what this is?

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I was playing earlier this morning just fine and when I tried to play on my break this popped up. I don't want to select a choice cause it might lock me out of the game (probably not but I'm cautious). Any idea what it says or means?
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Daily Quest Error

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Hello, when trying to do my daily quests I get some random message that won't let me proceed. But when it comes to events and the MSQ it doest pop up and I can play normally. Would you have an idea to what this error is?
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We cleaned up a bit!
With the release of an English translation, a surprising surge of new users are coming through the wiki and Discord; after many grueling hours trying to refresh the imageboard software (because it failed to make any new boards), all the art dumping from the Discord bot's tagging command is pushed to /art/ (and also doubles as an old backup of /housamo/).

Additionally, the wiki's standards of quality *should* (I say should because there's always some nitpicks that slowly reach our way). Nonetheless, we're gearing up for the next wave of new users.
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Posts That Don't Deserve a Thread #2

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Because >>147 apparently hit a bump limit.
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The Thread

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Problems with the captcha

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Whenever i try one answer to the captcha question Name a Housamo at the wiki it comes off as either failed attempt or that i didnt answer anything. I tried everything, creators of the game, artists involved, characters in the game, wiki admins and nothing. A little help?
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Valentine Panic! Re-read Thread

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I did said I'd do something about the Valentine Quests in >>224, and might as well do a reread thread and share my IGN for it.

As usual, my Japanese skills are quite limited, so I might get some things that's going on in the story wrong, but I decided to give this a go anyway. Also, Valentine Quest spoilers.

Valentine Panic! Part 1 - Beginning:
The Protagonist has a chat about Valentine with his trio of human bara (boy)friends and later on meets a cute gryphon-winged cat who has a hard-to-control-alluring-power-issues along the way, causing unwanted lust from nearby people who are just mobs.

- Ryouta is already in a happy mood. Where there’s Valentine, there’s load of sweets for him, apparently.

- Shirou comments that Ryouta hasn’t even grown up since Christmas, and Kengo comments that all Ryouta’s in the same high spirits as during Christmas.

First Choice Time!:
Up: ノリノリだね。 ([Ryouta's] in high spirits, I see...)
Middle: 相変わらずひどい。 ([Ryouta''s] as horrible as usual...)
Down: もらう側なのね。 ([Ryouta's] on the receiving side.)
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Some tasty analytics for December.