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Posts That Don't Deserve a Thread #2

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Because >>147 apparently hit a bump limit.
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The Thread

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Problems with the captcha

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Whenever i try one answer to the captcha question Name a Housamo at the wiki it comes off as either failed attempt or that i didnt answer anything. I tried everything, creators of the game, artists involved, characters in the game, wiki admins and nothing. A little help?
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Valentine Panic! Re-read Thread

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I did said I'd do something about the Valentine Quests in >>224, and might as well do a reread thread and share my IGN for it.

As usual, my Japanese skills are quite limited, so I might get some things that's going on in the story wrong, but I decided to give this a go anyway. Also, Valentine Quest spoilers.

Valentine Panic! Part 1 - Beginning:
The Protagonist has a chat about Valentine with his trio of human bara (boy)friends and later on meets a cute gryphon-winged cat who has a hard-to-control-alluring-power-issues along the way, causing unwanted lust from nearby people who are just mobs.

- Ryouta is already in a happy mood. Where there’s Valentine, there’s load of sweets for him, apparently.

- Shirou comments that Ryouta hasn’t even grown up since Christmas, and Kengo comments that all Ryouta’s in the same high spirits as during Christmas.

First Choice Time!:
Up: ノリノリだね。 ([Ryouta's] in high spirits, I see...)
Middle: 相変わらずひどい。 ([Ryouta''s] as horrible as usual...)
Down: もらう側なのね。 ([Ryouta's] on the receiving side.)
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Some tasty analytics for December.
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Christmas' event

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Birth! The Holy Night's New Hero?
-starts late December.
-has the usual story and farmable quests
-can obtain JOUL in the exchange shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Ded, Taurus mask and Maria get new 3* skins

New units:
-Krampus 3*, 4*
-Ryouta 5*, grass (time limited)
-Taurus Mask 4*, fire (time limited)
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GoGo! Remote Island Expedition

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LW releases another Event Quest.
* This time around, an event unit (Kijimuna) will be issued.
* The event items dropped this time around will be Food of the Remote Island and Material of the Remote Island. As for what skills will increase what, those details are unknown.
* New debuff Attract. Units with this debuff will move closer towards the enemy.
* ☆2 units will drop during this quest; these units possess skills to aid in clearing the quest (and increasing drop quantities).
* An event-related Gacha will include a limited variant of Asterios, followed by Triton and Tangaroa as new units.
* This time around, multiple skills will increase the multiplier for event item quantities.
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You do love me still, right?
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Request for Voice clip

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This is a strange request for me to ask. I work on custom 3ds theme based on the character of this game, problem is i don't have all the voice clip (just a couple). Somebody have the voice clip for the character relase untille now (aside for the very recent one)?
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It's only my game or...?

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So.. as everyone knows, there's an option to download the content, but sometimes that option re-download the entire game again and the files stacks (5 or more of the same render/audio)
Actually, my game is 790MB (and growing) on total and the "unity/shared" folder has 1376 files (and they don't stop coming).
Some months ago they showed up an option called "Clear Data"(?) or something like that (which I avoided because was afraid to lose my precious account) but I don't get how it works.
They always make the game re-download some renders even there's no difference or just for an horizontal flip.

Is there any tips about it or it's only my game/nox?
(I'm using NOX App Player)