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Error message regarding App Store

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Everytime I try to load up the game, I get an error message in full Japanese (which I cannot read), with only “App Store” being readable.

Anyone here capable of translating this for me? I’md like to get my login for today. I play on an iphone, should that matter.
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Dailies and Stones

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Are stones from dailies one time only, in that they won't reset the next time the daily element/skill/breakthrough quest of that element/weapon appears?
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Data Transfer

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I just started the game and I play it on an emulator. Thing is, I'm going out of town for the week and won't be taking my computer. I downloaded the app to my phone, and I know there is a data transfer option.

My question is if I transfer my account from my emulator to my phone, can I get it back on my emulator afterward? Because from what I see, the code is only up for 24h, I don't know if I can use it again to re-send my data back to my emulator.

(Temujin image because I just pulled the guy and really don't want to get him trapped my really crappy phone xD)
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Updated and was put back to the beginning

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Hey guys, I ended updating my app after a, while of not playing and now with some of the English translations out i attempted to update and now I've been taken back to the beginning of the game as if I downloaded the app from scratch, I dont have access to the account transfer because I don't have the codes... Is there any way I can get my account back? A friend of mine confirms my account is still in his friend list so it hasn't been deleted
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Buying transient stones

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Will the store automatically convert usd into yen? I wanna buy some stones for this event (cause the game wants to give me 4 christine's-_-) but do I have to go through a different process or will it just be simple?
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Any clue to what this is?

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I was playing earlier this morning just fine and when I tried to play on my break this popped up. I don't want to select a choice cause it might lock me out of the game (probably not but I'm cautious). Any idea what it says or means?
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Daily Quest Error

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Hello, when trying to do my daily quests I get some random message that won't let me proceed. But when it comes to events and the MSQ it doest pop up and I can play normally. Would you have an idea to what this error is?
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We cleaned up a bit!
With the release of an English translation, a surprising surge of new users are coming through the wiki and Discord; after many grueling hours trying to refresh the imageboard software (because it failed to make any new boards), all the art dumping from the Discord bot's tagging command is pushed to /art/ (and also doubles as an old backup of /housamo/).

Additionally, the wiki's standards of quality *should* (I say should because there's always some nitpicks that slowly reach our way). Nonetheless, we're gearing up for the next wave of new users.