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Hey guys, I need some help.
Recently I've changed my phone, I used to have a Samsung but now I have an iPhone. I have to many cool familiars on my Samsung account and I dont want to loose then.

The question is, how do I transfer the account on the Samsung to the iPhone?
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Daily quest rewards

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So, I've been playing the game for about a month now and have gotten most of my important units ready for their second limi breaks.

How long did it take you guys to get to limit break 2 with at least one guy? Considering the drop rates for limit break materials (especially shards) is abyssmal in daily quests? Did it take you guys longer than a month to get past even that?
Just want to prepare myself mentally for the upcoming grind.
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My game just literally reset my data. And I worked hard to get were I was. Is there a way I can ask to get my account back. I did pay money so maybe they could find it.
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Yesterday I had to reset my phone while playing, and when I started housamo again my save was gone. I assumed it fucked up somehow and even submitted a recovery request.

But I just started the game a few minutes ago and it's just back. I didn't get any sort of email confirmation from customer support.

For some reason my AuthKey folder was empty and still is.

I'm pretty sure it's a problem on my end but I'm still confused.
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If I want a few characters from gacha but I already have a good team, do I wait for an event or just spend anyway?
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Need to get better in battling

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Iv'e noticed that I won't survive without strong support units, and I really want to improve so that I don't always have to depend on the support units, Any help?
P.s. tried upgrading and balancing the team, but I still need strong support units.
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Error message regarding App Store

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Everytime I try to load up the game, I get an error message in full Japanese (which I cannot read), with only “App Store” being readable.

Anyone here capable of translating this for me? I’md like to get my login for today. I play on an iphone, should that matter.
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Dailies and Stones

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Are stones from dailies one time only, in that they won't reset the next time the daily element/skill/breakthrough quest of that element/weapon appears?
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Data Transfer

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I just started the game and I play it on an emulator. Thing is, I'm going out of town for the week and won't be taking my computer. I downloaded the app to my phone, and I know there is a data transfer option.

My question is if I transfer my account from my emulator to my phone, can I get it back on my emulator afterward? Because from what I see, the code is only up for 24h, I don't know if I can use it again to re-send my data back to my emulator.

(Temujin image because I just pulled the guy and really don't want to get him trapped my really crappy phone xD)