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Are there any popular ships other than Gunzou and Wakan Tanka? Shippy fanart seems to always be of these two, at least the ones I've been able to find. I'm curious to see if the Japanese fandom has any other go to ships.
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So who 's excited for the new event

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I like the characters. Especially that racoon guy. Who is yours?
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help /housamo/. I have created a moritaka tulpa and he wont stop screaming across the room. He just stands there with this pose like pic related and it never ends. I tried to end it by ignoring him or screaming back, but nothing ever works. How do you fix this?
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Yo are there any units that are particularly good against Shot? I wanna max out my Thunderbird but the Preliminary Crest quest is impossible.
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Add. Rate Up Gacha and Semi-Anniv. Event

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Ok, I got two question already:

1. I know this is stupid but, is Horkeu Kamui also got additional rate up for both his 3โ˜† and 4โ˜†? (Ah, also Macan's) I've checked the distribution rate though, just to make it sure. Because I want him but when the "wheel of fortune" is reversed atleast getting his 3โ˜† is such a bless for me...

2. Is there will be any Semi Anniversary Event this year? Yes the last event is started very early in june. I miss the last event but is there will be any chance of it? Well I just looking for the gacha though, as if the question #1 is true I better wait for the next event (again) I guess?

That feels when you just started playing after all of your favorite character get their gacha just a few month ago, will I must wait for next year? ๐Ÿ˜‚
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5 Star Horkeu Kamui

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Fun fact: If you've managed to roll a 5-star Horkeu Kamui, he doesn't show up in your monster box (though you can get to him through his other rarities like normal)

Expect JP to riot (and more maintenance) shortly, I guess?
In the meantime, if you have rolled him, don't freak out when you can't find him.
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Game crashes everytime

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Since March with the valentine jail event, the game crashes during quests, and then it becomes worse with every update. Now, with the last event, it happens with the story mide too, and crashes 2 or 4 times each quest, specially with the most difficult ones, all fines without error screen. It only closes with no logs. I must say the smartphone LG Zone X180G hasn't rooted beforely, and It's flashed with the original ROM. Has somebody happened this?
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