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5 Star Horkeu Kamui

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Fun fact: If you've managed to roll a 5-star Horkeu Kamui, he doesn't show up in your monster box (though you can get to him through his other rarities like normal)

Expect JP to riot (and more maintenance) shortly, I guess?
In the meantime, if you have rolled him, don't freak out when you can't find him.
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Game crashes everytime

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Since March with the valentine jail event, the game crashes during quests, and then it becomes worse with every update. Now, with the last event, it happens with the story mide too, and crashes 2 or 4 times each quest, specially with the most difficult ones, all fines without error screen. It only closes with no logs. I must say the smartphone LG Zone X180G hasn't rooted beforely, and It's flashed with the original ROM. Has somebody happened this?
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Hey guys, I need some help.
Recently I've changed my phone, I used to have a Samsung but now I have an iPhone. I have to many cool familiars on my Samsung account and I dont want to loose then.

The question is, how do I transfer the account on the Samsung to the iPhone?
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Daily quest rewards

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So, I've been playing the game for about a month now and have gotten most of my important units ready for their second limi breaks.

How long did it take you guys to get to limit break 2 with at least one guy? Considering the drop rates for limit break materials (especially shards) is abyssmal in daily quests? Did it take you guys longer than a month to get past even that?
Just want to prepare myself mentally for the upcoming grind.
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My game just literally reset my data. And I worked hard to get were I was. Is there a way I can ask to get my account back. I did pay money so maybe they could find it.
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Yesterday I had to reset my phone while playing, and when I started housamo again my save was gone. I assumed it fucked up somehow and even submitted a recovery request.

But I just started the game a few minutes ago and it's just back. I didn't get any sort of email confirmation from customer support.

For some reason my AuthKey folder was empty and still is.

I'm pretty sure it's a problem on my end but I'm still confused.
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If I want a few characters from gacha but I already have a good team, do I wait for an event or just spend anyway?
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Need to get better in battling

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Iv'e noticed that I won't survive without strong support units, and I really want to improve so that I don't always have to depend on the support units, Any help?
P.s. tried upgrading and balancing the team, but I still need strong support units.
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