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Just played the game for a week, thus i feel at lost sometimes. Is there any active fb/whatsapp/line group for the game?

Oot question, does anyone play fantastic boyfriend as well? Thanks a bunch :)
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Ok so if I got this right, the first 2 dailies are those exp gems. Then the next 2 are for increasing skill level. But what the hell are the other 4?
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Any translation for the upcoming event?
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For those who don't want to actually burn cash and have immense patient, you can "abuse" how the game keeps track of your account information and create alts to reroll.

Utilizing, you can backup your existing save information, go through the first two encounters, and get two tries at a gacha. This method may or may not require root, as the file is on internal storage/SD card rather than outside of userspace accessible areas, but in theory, all you need is a file manager.

Happy hunting
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