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Usefulness of the Casters

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Since damage is split by the amount of squares you hit, and caster's damage is split 5 ways I find them more of a hassle than then they may be worth. Their Charge Skill doesnt seem to charge significantly faster and besides from evenly split damage I dont see a benefit when you could, for exmaple, use a Fist user to one shot a dangerous enemy.

I guess it could just be the cards I have though.

What are all of yours thoughts on it? At what level do you find it worth?
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Just played the game for a week, thus i feel at lost sometimes. Is there any active fb/whatsapp/line group for the game?

Oot question, does anyone play fantastic boyfriend as well? Thanks a bunch :)
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Ok so if I got this right, the first 2 dailies are those exp gems. Then the next 2 are for increasing skill level. But what the hell are the other 4?
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Any translation for the upcoming event?
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