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So, is there a way to get a five star beyond just pulling one from the gacha? I thought I'd be able to combine dupes but it looks like that just automatically fuses them to raise skill level. Does Limit Breaking eventually power them up?
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I think this is every character that's been shown in promos/batttles but not yet released

Please let pige come out to play soon devs
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Valentine Quest Details

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As you complete Valentines Panic quests, you will receive golden feathers and special chocolates. These feathers and chocolates can be traded at the event shop for useful items.
The number of golden feathers and special chocolates you receive will increase based on the number of characters with the skills 魂を撃つ者 or 恋焦がれる者 in your team.
魂を撃つ者 increases the number of golden feathers you get. 恋焦がれる者 increases the number of chocolates you get. This includes your Support member.
New Valentines quests that are more efficient in receiving feathers and chocolates will be added later. It is recommended you do not waste all your AP/Stamina Drinks for now.
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Who else /alone on Valentine's/?
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Share us your loot!!
As well as the map u enter and ur party.
loot pic there, my party is: 4☆gabriel[Val], 4☆Shinya,4☆Nobu-something, friend: 5☆blushing bara guy, sub: protagonist.
Map: 3rd one.
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