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So looks like Character quests are going to be implemented soon. Just read how it works and I swear if the Love Quests will require the Valentines Variants of characters in the same way, I am gonna flip a table.
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Gacha Pulls

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Are you all saving up your stones or spending them right away?

I have no idea what to do now that th valentines event is over
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Valentine's Day gacha thread. Whatcha get?

I got pic related and the guy with the tiny angel.
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This is Moritaka Inuzuka, voted Pixiv's 29th most eligible boy for Valentine's 2017. Say something nice to him
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Share us ur IGN and id number!
Starting from me.
IGN: tobio
Id. Number: 180,041,631

Nice to meet you C:
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What's the story of this game?

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So I think I finished the all the main quests (cries internally), so can someone give me a summary of the entire story from start to end? I'm really curious about what was actually happening (I was just making up the plot as I progressed through the game XD)