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Game was working fine until about a week ago when my game started to not update. Been trying for about a week now, even up to re-installing over and over on mobile. No luck yet and I'm missing out.

Any ideas?
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Planned Maintenance

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To be as transparent and caring, I'm informing of planned downtime as I upgrade the server hosting and other services sometime this week or next week. My main goal is to take care of that annoying server hang that causes even SSH to not respond, and the server being sluggish while uploading a file.

Scheduled upgrades:
* additional 2x4GiB of matching DDR3-1333 ECC RAM; should help feed ZFS's RAM consumption and the alleged 3GB memory deficit
* replacing two Xeon E5506's to two Xeon X5650's; at 24 sheckels a pop, for triple the threads (E5506's aren't hyperthreaded, and X5560s are hexcores and turbo clockable) can't hurt to theoretically ease any bottlenecks yadda yadda, and help whatever micro-downtimes happens.
* software update, which shouldn't take much time while I'm rebooting anyways

Status can always be viewed at During the downtime, I'll (hopefully remember to) provide a temporary maintenance page (hosting a temporary copy of the wiki and board would take way more time than needed just for 5 minutes to slap RAM in and reboot, and 30 minutes to swap Xeons, reapply paste, and remount heatsinks); it'll look something like I'll blog post status updates either on the temporary page and/or the Discord as a fireside chat whenever I mess up and ruin everything.

Eventually, there'll be another planned maintenance to:
* restructure how data's stored, as everything is slapped onto a shared datashare instead of separate shares for security's sake, so anyone with time can grab my porn
* slap an SSD as what the hypervisor runs off of and/or a write cache to maybe help alleviate any bottlenecks that exist between ethernet and writing to ZFS
* add data redundancy as there's no failsafe or real backups in the event of a hardware failure (not software, as ZFS and ECC RAM will cover), but that won't happen until I either get a real rack and/or move the server to a better spot.

I'll continue to provide my services as a host free of charge, as it literally costs me nothing besides bandwidth and power consumption, yet, I get some real-world experience being a sysadmin and gush about my woes here.
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another thread
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Hot Springs Event Megathread

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( Hope the mods won't mind if i make a megathread )

Another exchange-item event is coming.
Event duration: Mid April, 2017 ~ TBA

Items required to exchange are:
雪山の道標/"Snowy mountain signposts"
雪山の湯花/"Snowy mountain flowers"

Characters that have the following skills will increase the drop rate for items:
山に篭る者/"Mountain Man"

Clearing the first episode will drop event-limited character,Zaou , at 3* (Grass type)
Clearing the last episode will drop 4* version of Zaou.

All the above information are taken from the wiki.
All discussion related to the event should be posted here.
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Another thread.
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A new thread.
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For the past few days, I've been working on housamo-lite; what started as some dumb IRC-tier bot game on the Discord, most of it was readily accessible through outside of Discord. So after tidying things up, it's available for anyone to enjoy too.
So far, you just login every ten minutes to claim login bonuses, and pull from the gacha here and there. I have plans to incorporate quests/battles and other goodies, but I had to make sure everything was solid first.

For those on the Discord, there's no additional steps, as your Discord ID is your account ID. For those who don't use Discord, there's a guide at the link below to get started. Sadly, It's almost 12:30AM, and I don't think I can whip up a cleaner way of interfacing with the bot's API right now.
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We greatly appreciate any kind of help with translating Valentine Bonus Quests or Character Quests, even if it's just compiling screenshots.
If you can go the extra mile, transcription from image to text will speed up the translation process immensely, especially with characters who fancy archaic speech Moritaka. If not, screenshots are also appreciated.

So far, translation is ultimately decided on whether or not translator(s) feel up for it. Valentine Bonus Quests are of little hassle due to how brief the content is (and lack of dialogue branches), while Character Quests takes a lot of time for being lengthy and containing dialogue branches (while a situation where it greatly alters the story hasn't popped up yet).

The way I see it, for screenshot preparation, a 7zip archive organized by log screenshots, scene screenshots (for the extra detail of showing character's emotion sprites), and a separate folder containing a branch's dialogue lines (for example, if the first dialogue prompt offers 3 choices, have folders named A, B, and C contain screenshots of the unique lines from that branch). You don't necessarily have to get each branch, as the bulk of dialogue are outside of these branches. Example structure can be viewed here:!TExXCK4T!45orO4fij16jZJ-aEo7A_YPqkg14D8vS3vhS3zRj7Sw (7zip archive of Bathym's Character Quest)

Additionally, Valentine Bonus Quest screenshots can simply be uploaded to the wiki and linked as a gallery here: at the bottom under `Untranslated`.

For Character Quests, leave a link (preferably, even with its problems, is convenient) in the thread.

Thanks for any help provided; the amount of work into translating these alone, and even with a hand or two, is straining.
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Valentine Choco Giving Scenarios - Translated

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Hi guys, I was doing the chocolate giving translations, so I think I might as well share it here.

First is Nomad
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