Valentine Panic! Re-read Thread

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I did said I'd do something about the Valentine Quests in >>224, and might as well do a reread thread and share my IGN for it.

As usual, my Japanese skills are quite limited, so I might get some things that's going on in the story wrong, but I decided to give this a go anyway. Also, Valentine Quest spoilers.

Valentine Panic! Part 1 - Beginning:
The Protagonist has a chat about Valentine with his trio of human bara (boy)friends and later on meets a cute gryphon-winged cat who has a hard-to-control-alluring-power-issues along the way, causing unwanted lust from nearby people who are just mobs.

- Ryouta is already in a happy mood. Where there’s Valentine, there’s load of sweets for him, apparently.

- Shirou comments that Ryouta hasn’t even grown up since Christmas, and Kengo comments that all Ryouta’s in the same high spirits as during Christmas.

First Choice Time!:
Up: ノリノリだね。 ([Ryouta's] in high spirits, I see...)
Middle: 相変わらずひどい。 ([Ryouta''s] as horrible as usual...)
Down: もらう側なのね。 ([Ryouta's] on the receiving side.)