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Audio sound?

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Hi, so I just noticed that pressing the lines or the skins for characters no longer play audio on the wiki. Were they taken down due to infringement? Is there a way for me to find the audio in other places besides the app? I don't feel like playing gacha to hear the different voices.
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#2 wiki lurker, #1 wiki stooge

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just gonna immortalize myself here :dead_dog:
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(rant) Why even have a holiday banner?

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33 summons in hope of getting behemoth and I got practically nothing. majority of the units were not even event related, majority were repeats (1 10 summon had all repeats with 1 4-star I didn't have) and two of the 4 4-stars I got were also not even related to the event, and since I've cleared -everything- there's no way left for me to summon. I know I could spend money and buy stones but why on earth would I do that when I've went through 33 summons and received majority unrelated transients & 3 star units? I've noticed this with other event banners too, outrageously bad rates.
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Stone Transaction not working

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Can someone help me out here? I was saving up all my stones so that I could buy this, I have 50 but when I try to buy it I get brought to another screen telling me that I have to buy more stones.
Why is this happening? Can someone please help me out asap!!